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Hi! I'm Rackhee Trust

I love learning and evolving as a traveler on this planet, in every moment of life.

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From the age of 3, my heart ached to know why I was born and what I was here for. As I grew up, my yearning to find these answers only intensified. I was unhappy no matter what. When I set foot on my spiritual journey at the tender age of 5, I began to experience a lot of joy.


But very soon it felt like I was living two parallel lives. My “spiritual life” felt like me being me and my “ordinary life” felt like me trying to fit in. This made me even sadder and very confused.

All I wanted was to find lasting joy in my everyday life.


My quest took me to several mentors and masters and one day I was living my dream life! 

It took me all this existential angst of 30 years to realize that I am a quintessential seeker.

I love learning and evolving as a traveler on this planet, in every moment of life. So today, I experience gratitude in all the varied experiences life throws at me. Realizing my true essence as a seeker, allowed me to love myself fully and welcome every moment with enthusiasm, joy and wonder.

Having finally found what I was in search of, I gave up my career in corporate law and formally trained to walk this path. I have been offering this life transforming work to all co-seekers I come across in my life since 2015. May you find all that your heart yearns for and experience the same fountain of joy as me.

My journey so far has shown me that when you learn to open the gateway to the soul, infinite light, infinite grace, infinite blessings, infinite magic and infinite beauty is waiting to greet you. I can’t wait for you to join me on your unique journey!

client love

Rackhee helped me tremendously with her insights and magical abilities in a time of my life where I felt really lost and insecure. She guided me through a healing process that I will always be grateful for. Moreover, I had some hormonal issues back then and the reiki and womb healing she did on me where pure bliss. I got my period back after almost 2 years of not having it as a consequence and since then my periods have been regular and not painful.

- Alicia Lamothe

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