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ascension teachings


explore the path of self-enquiry, introspection, ascension and self-realisation through energy healing - dive deeper within yourself and  get in touch with the source of endless joy.  

inwardness journey

study your goddess nature & deepen your connect with the goddess element through practices & rituals, which will embark you on a journey of self discovery uncovering  your true self.

angels & masters

enter the mysterious world of angels and masters ; work with them to heal, communicate, channel messages, interpret angel cards & numbers and a whole lot more.

sacred herbs & smudging

explore the world of sacred herbs through the ancient ceremonial practice of purification using sacred smoke. deepen your knowledge of several herbs, flowers, their properties and uses. enhance the energy of your space and your being.

reclaiming light, returning to priesthood 

discover the beauty and design of what you are and how you are being called to use your sacred gifts to realise your soul purpose in supporting your ascension journey.

speak from the heart : alignment of the heart

align your heart through sacred mudras (hand gestures) to hone your communication skills by harnessing the power of your authentic voice

bach flower remedies

learn to heal using 38 flower essences which treat the root cause behind physical, mental, emotional ailments and restore balance, joy and wellness to your life and body.  

balancing yin & yang 

receive womb blessings for women and  the gift for men allowing you to reclaim your authentic nature as man or woman - awaken to your true potential and heal the wounds that prevent you from claiming your power. 

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