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I approached Rackhee Trust in 2017 when I needed deeper healing to empower myself. I was instantly drawn to receive a womb blessing. Since then, my life has been nothing short of an adventure. Diving into cellular trauma & liberating myself from ancestral patterns.


In all the 1:1 soul work sessions that followed, I noticed her ability to hold the most tender & compassionate space for me while nudging fiercely when required. I have yet to meet someone who is so highly gifted with her intuition & gentle with the messages she receives. She has been extremely supportive in the decisions I have taken to reclaim my power from the past & anchor myself in the present.

Today I feel ‘thank you’ is a very small word to offer in gratitude.


I would highly encourage anyone who is in her circle to stay connected with all the offerings she makes as a teacher & as a soul sister who will hold you when you need it through your journey of transformation to grow strong and lead yourself to greatness.


Rackhee has the language of the Ascended Masters and carries the grace of our  lineage of beloved Siddha Gurus which sets her apart in the way she builds a relationship with an adult and bonds with intensity even with a child. This subtle energy is from another realm.....


I wish her to shine her light on the whole world so that we may all radiate in divine love & respect. We have a choice to be happy. It is our free will. Blessings of much abundance to spanda. May this be the beginning of a revolution where we rise together in birthing a new earth. 

Yukta Mookhey

Poppy Front

I reached out to Rackhee in 2016 for private sessions to deal with an ambition related ‘focus’ issue. While I got clarity in the very first session about it, it further opened up so many dimensions of my inner self which were lingering for years and I was living with them, struggling. 4 years later I feel like I’ve had a rebirth. One strong example is the acute sinusitis that I was suffering from for over 20 years has now completely vanished. That apart, there has been an absolute shift in the way I carry myself and how I deal with my dear ones after I’ve worked with Rackhee. She is simply the best!

Divya Dakshinamoorthy

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I thought I was doing fine...happy with my family. Lost a job recently & started thinking why again, this was the third time it happened. Some problems with my parents, which have always been a part of my life so far. But still thought it’s normal; this happens with everyone. 

One of my friends suggested me Rackhee & how she helped her with EFT. I immediately called Rackhee and set an appointment date.It’s just been 2 sessions & I am already through with 2 of my 3 concerns. 


I have found love & peace & it’s blissful. In my opinion whether you think you have issues or not go for’s the best gift you can give yourself. 


I am very happy with the results and can’t thank Rackhee enough for bringing this beautiful change in my life.

Preeti Sharma

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Poppy Front


Rackhee helped me tremendously with her insights and magical abilities in a time of my life where I felt really lost and insecure. She guided me through a healing process that I will always be grateful for. Moreover, I had some hormonal issues back then and the reiki and womb healing she did on me where pure bliss. I got my period back after almost 2 years of not having it as a consequence and since then my periods have been regular and not painful.

Alicia Lamothe

Poppy Front

I started my magical journey with Rackhee Trust through Reiki. It was a total shift for me after being initiated into Reiki. I have experienced many shifts within me since I embarked on my inner journey with Rackhee. After the Reiki classes, I am more grounded and more confident. Since the Magnified Healing class in 2017, I've found myself to be more spiritually inclined, and the 1:1 soul work sessions with her have helped me in general health issues related to my stomach which have significantly improved.


Rackhee has and continues to guide me in enhancing my connection with myself through many practices including the other courses I took with her like Angel healing, Bach flower remedies etc. 

I like the way she goes on to perceive the energy of the people working with her and then customizes her sessions for each individual. I also love her after-class support through dedicated WhatsApp groups, which has helped me learn more and stay connected even after class.


Gratitude to you Rackhee for all your support and golden nuggets that have helped me in my inner journey. I wish you all the best and hope many souls choose to work with you as they embark on their inner journey.

Vani Radhakrishnan

Poppy Front

The Womb Blessing was the first time I’d ever tried any kind of alternative therapy. I tried to keep an open mind, and it ended up being a beautiful experience! My husband and I were working on having a baby and I feel like the Womb Blessing helped to calm and centre me. I was able to focus on what my mind and body needed - what I needed - to create a life and accept it into my world. Today we have a gorgeous toddler and there is so much love in our lives. I want to say a very special ‘thank you’ to Rackhee. She’s one of the sweetest people I know and she made the process feel natural and seamless.

Roopika Muthanna

Poppy Front
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I am really grateful to you for your personal healing sessions which we did two years ago, in 2018. It has transformed me completely. Your guidance balanced me energetically and sowed the seeds of awareness which has led me to much clearer thought process. Your guidance enabled me to take very important decisions of life diligently.  You made me meet the real me and made way for my inner voice to reach me.


Thank you is an understatement for your contribution in transforming me and my life for good.

Bhavna Singh

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