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awaken into your authentic self

you are looking for more from life

you wonder whether you are really living your life's purpose 

you struggle to be who your heart truly yearns to be

you recognise your inner gifts and are devoted to creating a paradigm shift through your work

you are here because you are ready    


‘spanda’ translated as ‘throb’, ‘pulsation’ or ‘vibration’ is experienced as waves emanating from the divine “source” both within, as well as (in the manifest world) on the outside.

one of the fundamental scriptures of Kashmir Shaivism, the Spanda Karikas, a 19th century collection of 53 verses, speaks of how a yogi (a disciple on the path of self-realization) can return to the awareness of “unity consciousness” by simply maintaining an awareness on this spanda in every moment of their life.


so the essence of Spanda, is to bring a seeker back into the awareness of their own authentic self, their true nature; to eventually become grounded in the self and the experience of oneness.


Spand - Describe

Who am I? 


We engage in soul work together for you to obtain the best version of you.

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