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My Approach

Rackhee has been on the journey of self-enquiry and soul-discovery since her childhood. This led her to finding her spiritual master at the tender age of 3. From this young age she was plagued with the yearning to answer questions such as “what is my purpose here?” and “why was I born?”


From then on, Rackhee’s mission has been to discover and spread the interconnectedness of the sacred with the mundane.


The first three decades of her life were spent searching for answers to her soul’s fundamental yearnings, and whispers. Now she accesses her learnings, wisdom, inner guidance and the interconnectedness of the sacred to guide and transform millions of lives around the world.

Prior to dedicatedly walking the sacred path of Light, Rackhee was a successful corporate lawyer at one of India’s leading law firms.

Rackhee believes that we are not separate from the life-giving Light of the cosmos and that we have just forgotten our identity. As a result, we live a half-hearted & incomplete life. When we return to full consciousness, we are capable of miracles in every breath.

She believes that our conditioning has led us to forget our true nature, power and identity. That this very same conditioning often leads to the creation of disempowering beliefs that eventually limit and block the infinite source of unconditional joy and alchemy within us.


As a result, we are living a half-hearted, incomplete life. Constantly striving for more happiness, through a better job, a fitter body, more loving relationships, higher pay cheque, more success and so on.


Rackhee believes that when we reconnect with the infinite source of Light within, we regain access to the powerhouse of consciousness that we are. She calls this conscious living by flowing with the flow.  


Over the last decade, she has dedicated her life to spreading inner light to dispel the darkness that often looms over humanity. 

Through her soul-led workshops and trainings, she has facilitated activation of the inner alchemy of thousands of people across the world and reinstated the effortless flow of abundant health, wealth, love and joy in their lives. 

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