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soul birth and rebirth
a nourishing emotional & energetic environment is equally essential as physical health & nutrition for a healthy pregnancy
my dream birth

I had a dream pregnancy and the most empowering, fearless and joyous home-birth in 2018. blessed with a divine baby boy, it is my prayer to empower every woman I cross paths with to have her dream soul birth and re-birth.


at spanda, the entire journey of conception to pregnancy, child-birth and nurturing the mother and baby, is treated as a sacred journey. it is the birthing of a soul into the mother’s womb (soul birth) and the re-birthing of the woman as a mother (re-birth).

fetus-drawing-mandala-Kate Holloway.png

welcoming a soul into the sacred space of the womb takes loving preparation. then, nurturing both throughout the journey of pregnancy and child-birth requires creating a nourishing energetic and emotional space within

we often carry past traumas, fears, emotional scars and unhealthy beliefs that prevent us from either conceiving or in some cases having a stressful/unhealthy pregnancy

Bringing Up Relaxed Parents (BURP) retreat is designed to support pregnant couples/mothers to create a nurturing inner and outer environment for their unborn baby

BURP with some additional modules, is also offered as a pre-natal program, designed to hand-hold the mother (or couple jointly) from when you begin planning a baby till she’s in your arms

both versions of BURP are offered in a group environment and also individually on a 1:1 basis through soul-work.

pregnancy & child-birth is the most natural, fearless & transforming process for a woman to come into her own power
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