soul path

who are you?

you are a seeker looking for more out of life. you may wonder, who am I? what is my purpose in life? why am I here? what is the real source of happiness? isn’t there more to life than this? 

learn and experience

why soul path?

you are ready to access your fullest potential - just like a caterpillar organically evolving into a butterfly. with soul path, I offer you the best of my online workshops & trainings for you to discover your wings and soar like a butterfly. 

what is soul path?

as an ever evolving conscious being, you have the option to raise your vibration. making this conscious decision is the essence of ascension. our planet is currently ascending, and with her, we are being invited to upgrade ourselves. when you choose to ascend, you choose to shed the old and enter into the new, into the light.

what's in it for you?

these teachings will at the very least, stir something joyous inside of you. at the most, they will introduce you to a whole new world and transform your life. 

inwardness journey
angels & masters
sacred herbs & smudging
womb blessing & healing
reclaiming light, returning to priesthood

this is your soul’s path. the gateway to your soul. the journey your soul signed up for.


you took birth in this very time to return to the experience of unconditional love and oneness.


the choice to tread that path now stands before you.

bach flower remedies


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