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soul sounds

souls sounds is our gift of meditations, songs and music composed and written by us to stir your soul and awaken its inner voice. 





experience the power of transformation through our meditations and discover the world it opens within.

to engage completely, you’re invited to be seated in a comfortable posture, out in nature or in solitude within a space you call your own. for an immersive experience you may use earphones and dive right in. 

heart meditation 

00:00 / 16:53

the heart meditation was created for you to experience becoming anchored in the heart and experience its inner splendor. may it take you deep into your heart and may you experience its inner voice.

healing meditation

00:00 / 26:15

is there a health condition you are trying to free yourself from? what is your body struggling with right now? do you suffer from chronic aches and pains? have you ever thought that your body is trying to communicate with you through the language of pain? this meditation intends to allow you to listen closely to the language of the body and heal all emotional triggers and physical ailments.

releasing the I AM

the Nirvāna-satakam, a hymn by Adi Shankaracharya describes the Advaita Vedanta philosophy of nēti-nēti (not this-not that) by explaining to a seeker of truth that ‘I am not all that I identify myself as being. In fact, I am Shiva. I am that. I am that I am. Soham, Shivoham.’


through meditation upon our version of this age-old hymn, carrying this divine truth, it is my humble intention that you experience the release of all the limited identities you carry within you, to experience the vast, boundless, infinite light being that you are. The I AM Presence.



it is my prayer that my music stir your heart with bliss in the way that they have stirred mine through the years. some of these are my renditions of Sanskrit scriptural texts that are part of my spiritual heritage and others are my own creations 

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