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Enter the Gateway to your Soul


About Rackhee

Rackhee Trust is an author, poet, oracle, intuitive healer, ritualist, teacher of mystical arts and mother.


Interactions with her have often been described as alchemical by those whose lives she has touched.


Through her soul-led work, writings, meditations and divine transmissions; Rackhee has been instrumental in enriching the lives of thousands of people across continents. Her work has enabled many to live a more meaningful, soulful existence.

Rackhee’s students and clients have often found their soul calling. With the activation of their inner alchemy, they have been able to easefully choose their soul path and begin to live a life of greater alignment, health and joy.


Explore with Rackhee

Together let's manifest your goals and dreams, by activating your innate alchemical ability, through my personalised Soul Engineering Programs.

Come embrace your authentic self and deepen your relationship with the sacred dimension of life through my Soul Path Courses and Retreats.

Receive 1:1 treatments for your physical and emotional wellbeing through Cosmic Light Healing™, Reiki, NAET®, Womb Blessing® and Bach Flower Remedies.

Study with Rackhee

Empower yourself with tools that help you access your inner power while connecting to the collective wisdom of Source and the universe. Learn to use this wisdom in your day-to-day life to create the life you desire, deserve and are here to live. 

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