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reclaim the light you already are
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you feel like you don’t belong here


you are frustrated that people don’t get you


you wish being in the body didn’t have to be this painful


you struggle to be your true, unfettered, unfiltered self


you are afraid of being judged for being yourself


you want to create a paradigm shift for yourself and others


awaken into your authentic self   

spanda is translated as throb, pulsation or vibration ’that emanates from the union of shiva and shakti (the divine masculine and divine feminine). 


in the Spanda Karikas, an ancient Sanskrit scripture it is said that a yogi can return to the awareness of “unity consciousness” by simply maintaining an awareness on this spanda. 


so the essence of Spandā is to bring a seeker back into the awareness of their own true nature; to eventually become grounded in the experience of oneness.


what we offer

what we offer


soul sounds are our free gift of music and meditations allowing you to transcend the physical boundaries and dive deep into your counciousness

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the Nirvāna-satakam, a hymn by Adi Shankaracharya describes the Advaita Vedanta philosophy of nēti-nēti (not this-not that) by explaining to a seeker of truth that ‘I am not all that I identify myself as being. In fact, I am Shiva. I am that. I am that I am. Soham, Shivoham.’

soul sounds

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