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gateway to the soul
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Meet Rackhee

Rackhee Trust is an author, poet, oracle, intuitive healer, ritualist, teacher of mystical arts and mother.

Interactions with her have often been described as alchemical by those whose lives she has touched. Through her soul-led work, writings, meditations and divine transmissions;

Rackhee has been instrumental in enriching the lives of thousands of people across continents.


Her work has enabled many to live a more meaningful, soulful existence. Rackhee’s students and clients have often found their soul calling. With the activation of their inner alchemy, they have been able to easefully choose their soul path and begin to live a life of greater alignment, health and joy. 

what we offer


Soul sounds are my gift to you of a selection of my music & meditations recorded especially just for you.

Transcend physical boundaries and dive deep into your consciousness with

Shooting Star


the Nirvāna-satakam, a hymn by Adi Shankaracharya describes the Advaita Vedanta philosophy of nēti-nēti (not this-not that) by explaining to a seeker of truth that ‘I am not all that I identify myself as being. In fact, I am Shiva. I am that. I am that I am. Soham, Shivoham.’

soul sounds
Image by OhTilly

From me, To You

I write on all matters relating to the spirit.

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