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Angels & Masters: Entering the divine realm

For about 33 years of my life I thought I didn’t believe in angels. As a child, I loved stories of faeries and spoke to the faeries of the plant kingdom but as I grew older a skepticism about angels crept in.

I can’t put my finger on what caused it or when it really came about, but to my surprise one day in 2015/16 I heard myself tell a friend in a ‘mystical things store’, “… nah I’m not really drawn to angels” and I thought to myself, “bah, I don’t want to have angels hanging in my house, that’s just absurd.” This came to me as such a surprise! Because I have always known deep within my bones that everything has consciousness, everything can speak to you. That the pulsation of the universe vibrates in every being.

A short while later, as if the angels had been listening to my murmurs (and they were!), I was visited by an angel in broad daylight and the voice in my heart just kept pounding with the words: “I can’t wait to know more about them…” “I’m desperate to bring them home…” There began my journey with these most gentle, wonderous, mysterious, gracious, and child-like beings!

Throughout a large part of my life, I have had the good fortune of being communicated with by the Ascended Masters. And this only became even stronger as I opened my being to the world of angels. Who is an ascended master, you may ask? Kim Michaels whose articles I enjoy reading says, “An ascended master is also a self-aware being (just like you and I). Yet an ascended master has raised or accelerated its self-awareness, so it is no longer focused in the material realm. Instead, it is focused in a realm of higher vibrations, which we normally call the spiritual realm.

Going through this acceleration process, which culminates in a process called the ascension, is the potential of every self-aware being. You have the potential to raise your self-awareness, until you attain mastery over your own mind and mastery over the material realm. You can then make a quantum leap and raise your self-awareness to an entirely new level, where you no longer need a material body. Instead, you function within a light “body,” made from the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm.”[1]

Ascended Masters such as Gautam Buddha, Sai Baba, Mother Mary, Lady Nada, Sanat Kumara, Sananda, and many others have chosen to incarnate in the human form and have walked this earth to help humanity.

It may seem more reasonable to connect to or communicate with an Ascended Master or seek their guidance over that of an angel (because these are beings we have often known to have existed in a physical body on our planet.)

The rational mind is accustomed to accepting only that which can be verified and validated through the five senses. However, when you are able to forego the attachment to “reason” and allow yourself to be taken on a journey beyond your imagination, the Angels and Masters both eagerly await you.

We await communing,

We await celebrating,

We await assisting,

We await traveling,

We await taking you in.

Oh, child of the Light,

we await you at the thresholds of our kingdom.


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