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Bach Flower Therapy: HEALING NATURALLY

Bach Flower Therapy is a system of natural healing using the 38 basic Flower Essences. A conventional medical practitioner turned herbalist; Dr. Bach took to nature to find the answer to all that afflicted mankind.

His discovery in the 1930s has revolutionised the system of healing and alternative therapies and Bach Flower Remedies are used in several households across the world.

These simple and gentle remedies work by healing at mind and emotions of what is at the root of the physical symptom be is anger, depression, aches and pains, migraines, hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue, stress, or IBS.

This is not only a system of healing but a means to spiritual advancement through the purification of the mind and physio-mental energy system.

Through the purification of the mind-body complex, we recreate balance within the body and bring back health and happiness into our bodies and lives.

Dr. Bach says, “The cause of all our troubles is self and separateness and this vanishes as soon as love…becomes part of our nature.”

It is with great wisdom and connectedness that he shares the priceless wisdom of these sacred healing flowers with us so that we can harness the power of our own happiness and health.

By understanding and imbibing Dr. Bach’s philosophy and cleansing oneself from within, we set ourselves on a path of conscious living. This along with the Bach Flower Remedies takes us back to the Source, where healing begins spontaneously.


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