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Reiki - A Guide and my journey

Reiki has often been oversimplified to refer to a mere tool, medium or modality of healing. I was introduced to Reiki in 1999 during one of the most challenging phases of my own personal transformation journey.

Way back then, as a teenager, my understanding of Reiki and its application was very limited. So I too approached it as a “tool” to heal physical ailments; as a result, that’s all it gave me.

Over the years, I have come to realise through experience that what it really is, is a path of self-enquiry, a journey of introspection, ascension[1] and self-realization.

I am of the view that we are all souls on a journey who have chosen to fulfil a certain soul contract(s) through this lifetime. As we become more and more aware of this, we realise what our soul contract(s) and this often leads us to walking the path that is required for its fulfilment. Along these lines, my experience of Reiki has been that it takes a seeker to where they are meant to be, as a soul i.e. it supports each being in the fulfilment of their soul contract. It aligns us with the Higher Self, Source, the universe and the life force energy itself.

However, Reiki, like working with any other energy form; does not take away the choice of our freewill. This is the compassion of Reiki and the universe. It is such that if you choose to diminish Her power to that of simply healing basic ailments, She (Reiki) will do that.

If, however, you choose to raise Her potential to healing complex ailments, She will do just that. Whereas, if you choose to open your being to Her complete splendour, you will truly experience the infinite Grace and power of what Reiki really is. This can only be experienced by those who choose to dive into experiencing this journey for themselves. I can tell you this after being on this path for 21 years now.

Her guidance, the awareness of Reiki and your union with Reiki itself, will follow through a lifelong journey of self-discovery. I have been on a spiritual path since the age of 3 however, my own spiritual growth and advancement took new turns and reached new heights through Reiki around the year 1999/2000.

Consistent study, practice and experience of giving and receiving Reiki, learning through a Master who chooses to impart Reiki in Her highest form and for the highest good (of the student), is what opens our being to receiving Reiki for what She truly is, devoid of our limitations. The master’s intention and the way in which the master works with Reiki, play’s a crucial role in how it impacts the student, and in what way their journey unfolds.

Then, Reiki prepares us to receive Her. Attending a Reiki class (with me) is not just as simple as signing up for class, learning it and moving on. I teach several other courses, many of which can be attended by simply registering and showing up. This one has always proved to be different. There is a mysterious divine hand in the way each of my Reiki classes have unfolded. The students find out about my class in mystical ways, or as I like to put it, Reiki finds my students for me. Just the people that are looking for or need the teachings that will flow through me show up for my class and the resultant journey is life transforming. And to transform your life, life must first prepare you. So often, you may find that it takes years of “preparation” before you find the master your heart yearns to learn from or feel the tug in your heart to really learn Reiki.

You may also find that when the first time you hear about Reiki, you just know it in your bones that this is for you or you have to do this right away, come what may. Students have often reported a strong sense of feeling like they’ve “come home”. And it all falls in place, much like a jigsaw puzzle, because life’s journey has brought you to this pivotal moment.

Still others may find that they have already learned Reiki or are Reiki practitioners, but it just doesn’t seem to be half as powerful as I claim it to be! So many a times I have students come to me just to re-establish their link with Reiki, to learn from a fresh perspective or because they have evolved a whole lot since the first time they learned Reiki so their standpoint has shifted completely.

Turn within, ask yourself what your inner state was like when you learnt Reiki. What were you really seeking? Were you even seeking or was it at someone else’s suggestion that you learnt Reiki? Or were you just trying something “new”? Or did you learn Reiki to “fix” something?

It takes the surrendering of the ego to allow yourself to say that you want to learn Reiki again or you have now found the right master, and wish to re-learn and turn a new leaf. When self-awareness begins to develop, the veil of ignorance is lifted. Ask your heart for the blatant truth. Your entire body lights up when truth arises. You will know within every cell of your being what your truth is.

Are you seeking the purpose, the REAL purpose of your life?

Do you catch yourself wondering - Is this all there is to life? Isn’t there more? What is life really about? Why am I here? And so on?

Do you yearn more and more to go deeper, do better, explore more, heal yourself, understand what's happening within, unravel the mysteries of your existence?

Do the most exciting of things in life still wear out sometimes, leaving you wondering, now what will excite me? Nothing has endless joy, lasting peace, endless happiness or everlasting success. So, what next?

This is probably what will lead many of you to find Reiki, or as I always say, for Reiki to find you!

[1] Ascension is defined as, the act of consciously choosing to evolve to a higher state of consciousness.


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