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Souls on a Journey

I just see souls when I see people, I just feel love when I see souls.

Sometimes I just smile at strangers, at other times I simply smile at myself.

What are we but souls on a journey, together?

What does it mean for you to have hurt me?

Or cheated me?

Or insulted me?

What does that really mean?

Doesn’t it simply mean that you didn’t live up to certain expectations that I have?

Or certain expectations that I created?

Or certain expectations that the society we live in created?

Or perhaps they come from books we read or education we engaged in?

And so, you just acted beyond the boundary of certain lines that we drew. And so what?

So, I get the permission to feel hurt and cheated and insulted?

What if, I could just choose not to feel hurt, insulted and cheated? Maybe I wouldn’t be giving that much power to these boundaries that we’ve set.

Maybe, I could see your actions for what they really are. And maybe your actions are just love; and perhaps I could just feel love anyway.

So you’re just a soul, another soul on this journey. That’s what I see when I look at you. And all I feel is love, that’s all.

I love you with all my heart, so much, so hard.

Maybe we can start measuring one another with the barometer of love more and less with the yardstick of boundaries. You see, the barometer of love has boundless, infinite capacity for expansion while the yardstick of boundaries we set are limited in length, width and depth.

Now the choice is yours, it’s up to you; for I have already made mine.


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