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Eliminating allergies: the holistic approach

We recently bid adieu to what was a tumultuous year for many. A mixed bag of emotions & experiences. As is customary when approaching a new year, I reflected on the year that was.

2021 was the year our daughter was born! It was the year our family became complete. Our hearts were filled with joy & excitement. However, as an ever-exhausted mommy, I’m often caught ranting. During a recent such episode (referring to sleepless nights with a new-born), I said,“my son gives me hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel” my husband quipped back very aptly, “baby I don’t know what you’re talking about, I love my babies. My tunnel’s completely lit up!” This really got me thinking, that inspite of all the struggles, there was only room for gratitude.

Some of my biggest challenges last year have led to immense growth & rebirth. As a result, I am a stronger woman, a more empowered mother and ever more grounded as a practitioner of holistic medicine.

Nadyah developed skin rashes when she was just a couple months old. We didn’t discover they were allergies till she was about 5 months old. Around the same time, suddenly I couldn’t stomach any food while her skin was flaring up with atopy & urticaria. My heart sank. My energy levels tanked. My allergy blood work showed all my staples in the red.

Before NAET

I couldn’t eat anything I had ever eaten. I starved and nursed my hungry baby. My baby who was ready to be introduced to the world of foods suddenly couldn’t eat more than boiled rice (and her rashes continued nonetheless).

My stomach was inflamed, red and burning even when I simply drank water. From eating a simple vegetarian ayurvedic diet I was reduced to eating only ambali (gruel made from fermented millets) three times a day. Sometimes, my turbulent mental-emotional state contributed to a lack of breast milk. Resulting in more stress over a potentially starving baby. Through it all, I was determined to avoid formula for an already seemingly hyper-allergic baby. Nadyah was 7 months old and had only tasted boiled rice. I knew the universe had a deeper message for me. I just couldn’t hear it. I knew the solution lay in something closer to my life’s work. There had to be a holistic and non-invasive way for her to be (allergy) free.

Just like that, NAET kept popping in my awareness. Like divine intervention always works- some higher wisdom began speaking to me from within. Whispering to me to find a NAET practitioner. In fact, I had received NAET treatments almost 2 decades ago but had forgotten how effective it is.

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique is a compilation of various disciplines of medicine (including allopathy, homeopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture, chiropractic and nutrition). It completely eliminates all kinds of allergies (food and environmental). NAET is completely non-invasive, medicine free and a holistic treatment for mild to severe allergies (summarised from Say Goodbye to Illness by Dr. Devi Nambudripad). Since the only practitioner in the city wasn’t practicing because of the pandemic, we packed shop and left for Bangalore (where I found another practitioner who was willing to treat us).

From the time she was about 3 months old, she would break into severe rashes from any soap, shampoo or moisturiser we used on her body. It was almost impossible to tell what she might react to next. Having a doting, enthusiastic toddler for an elder brother was not about to make my task (of keeping her safe and allergy free) any easier. I knew she needed to heal before she was mobile and eating out of his plate.

All skin specialists and paediatricians had the same diagnosis and course of treatment-antihistamines coupled with topical steroids. I was fed-up of being told, “they out-grow it eventually” while watching my baby break into new spots and patches every other day, not knowing what’s causing it and what to eat or refrain from eating.

I knew NAET was our answer. Completely unprepared, we arrived in Bangalore. We couldn’t have imagined it to go down as one of the most trying times as parents. While I took Nadyah for treatments 5 days a week, 6 hours a day, Eshan managed office, a toddler (and all that goes with it!), his school and his meals. We rented a bare apartment with basic utensils and mattresses for beds. We were exhausted beyond our limits.

The silver lining? Every 24 hours Nadyah and I ate something we couldn’t eat the previous day. Our symptoms began reducing. We felt happier & healthier.

Her rashes reduced & my stomach & digestion improved. 10 days into the treatment, the patches of urticaria Nadyah had arrived with had faded with just a hint remaining. No new rashes emerged as she ate more fruits, veggies and grains. My stomach felt 100% better as I even began eating food from my favourite haunts.

After 12 days of NAET treatments

This has been the highlight of my year. NAET treats all food, environment & other allergies that may cause any physical OR emotional ailment, learning disabilities, chronic illnesses, pain management and a lot more. Nadyah led me to NAET and NAET opened my eyes to yet another fantastic approach to healing our body’s and minds. Life continues to baffle me by showing me how every challenge is actually taking us closer to our own destiny. Just as my appetite for all things food was returning, so too I became a voracious student of NAET so that I could continue to treat my daughter and share its magic with the rest of the world!

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