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Farewell Allergies! Hello happiness!

When I was first introduced to NAET® in the mid-1990s, my father had been struggling with a sudden onset of severe allergic urticaria caused by seafood. Today, almost three decades later I find myself a certified NAET practitioner.

One night, the urticaria (think itchy giant blisters) entered his lungs and he was suffocating. This is when we knew that not only was his course of treatment not working but that he was getting worse.

Soon we found ourselves at a NAET clinic, hearing about this groundbreaking "completely natural, non-invasive and drug-free holistic treatment." (Say Goodbye to Illness, Dr. Devi Nambudripad). Not only were we told it would clear his allergies and improve his overall health but that he would be able to eat the dreaded seafood again! We were all in!

What is NAET? NAET is an energy balancing technique developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad in 1983. She herself suffered from allergies and intolerances and at one point, was able to consume only broccoli, rice, and water. During one allergic episode, she fainted while holding (a carrot) in her hand. Her husband, who later went on to train in various therapies, revived her by stimulating some meridians (energy channels) in the body. Subsequently, she discovered that she wasn't allergic to carrots anymore.

She realized that if certain meridians and points in the body are stimulated in a precise manner while maintaining contact with the allergen, intolerances and allergies can be overcome. Eventually, this lead to the discovery of NAET after several years of research and study.

Dr. Devi describes the treatment by saying, "NAET uses a blend of selective testing and treatment procedures from acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic, nutritional, and kinesiological disciplines of medicine to balance the body bioenergetically with various unsuitable electromagnetic energies found in one's living environment." (Say Good-bye to Illness, pg.XL). More about NAET is available at

What does the treatment look like?

A simple technique of muscle testing (derived from applied kinesiology) by checking the strength of the arm, while making contact with an allergen, is used to test the body to ascertain allergy to a substance(s). If the patient is allergic to an item, the muscle will test weak in its presence and if the patient is not allergic to an item, the muscle will test strong in its presence.

Then a brief stimulation of various meridians and gate points in the body while remaining in contact with the allergen ensues. Initially, certain basic nutrients and food and environmental items (that are commonly part of our diet and environment) are treated in a prescribed order. This improves the body's overall immunity and allows the body to better prepare for being treated for the (major) allergens.

This is followed by a 25 hour period of abstinence from the treated allergen. This is the duration it takes the body to process the allergen through each of the meridians. When I witnessed this process on my father, it all looked rather simple and at first we were even skeptical.

Did NAET work?

After completing a course of NAET treatments over the course of several months, my father's itching, redness and urtecaria disappeared. As promised, close to three decades later, he remains allergy-free (yay!! touch wood) and resumed eating seafood too.

Who can receive treatment using NAET?

Anyone suffering from allergies (to foods or environmental substances) or allergy-related diseases, such as migraines, digestive disorders, arthritis, respiratory dysfunction, allergy-related auto-immune conditions, ADD/ADHD, autism etc. Using NAET muscle testing technique, get yourself tested to check if any of your symptoms can be treated using NAET.

Fun facts:

  • NAET detoxifies the body of the toxic build-up as a result of repeated consumption/contact with an allergen. So while the treatment may come across as rather simple, the body undergoes a complex process of release and detox after each treatment.

  • Once you "pass" an allergen, you can actually consume /come in contact with it and have little or no symptoms.

  • Your overall health, wellbeing, quality of life and related issues (digestion, skin health, sleep, general aches and pains, puffiness etc.) will all improve.

  • Infants/elders/weak patients are treated using a surrogate. An electric circuit is created between the recipient and the surrogate for the patient to receive the treatment via the surrogate's body, making it equally effective as receiving the treatment directly. (I have successfully used this method firsthand to treat my daugther's allergies from the time she was 7 months old.

  • NAET is especially beneficial for pregnant mothers as the unborn child receives the benefit of the treatments the mother receives.

  • NAET is a slow and steady, wins the race sort of approach.

  • Most of all, your body will thank you and you will find renewed joy!

NAET near you:

India has only a handful of NAET practitioners and even fewer currently practicing. Please go to or > find a practitioner > enter your country/city to locate an officially certified NAET practitioner in your area.

Reach out to me to begin your treatment in Bombay!


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