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Your body is speaking to you through your migraine, bloating, acne, joint pain & indigestion.

During a recent soul work session with a new client I heard her say, "these migraines are just a part of who I am, I've learned to live with it." This really got me thinking. Have we all learned to live with some basic aches and pains or bodily disturbances? Is there an innate belief that some pains are just normal and that we must live with them?

I have always believed in the body's wisdom and ability to heal itself and when it doesn't, to question what the body may be trying to communicate through a persistent pain or health problem. This has helped me cure my own 15-20 year old sinus trouble. I then went on to apply the same philosophy and techniques to clients complaining of inability to conceive, PCOS/PCOD, digestive disorders, skin rashes, addictive behaviour, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, to name a few.

Recently, my tryst with NAET (read more on and my subsequent training to practice this amazing technique to heal almost all health troubles has made me believe in the body's innate ability to heal itself. I am more convinced that the body is only communicating with us through the language of pain, dis-ease and imbalance. Perhaps we just don't understand the body. If only schools taught us the language of the body!

As per Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the body has 12 primary meridians. Each of these meridians correspond directly to one or more major body organ. Our chi/ki/prana flows through these meridians and when one or more of these meridians are blocked; naturally, our chi is unable to flow freely. The result? one or more corresponding organs manifest a symptom in the organ itself or in a part of the body that corresponds to the blocked meridian.

Respiratory issues (lung meridian), acidity (stomach meridian/gall bladder meridian), joint pain (different possibilities), learning disabilities (brain meridian) all of these tell their own stories. Over the years I have used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which also releases chi blocks (or energy blocks) from the meridians. This simple technique involving tapping resolves various emotional and physical disturbances in the mind and body.

Years of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ovarian cysts, digestive disorders, stress, financial blocks to attract the abundance we deserve have been freed using EFT. Many of my own personal success stories are linked with EFT and several of my clients are grateful to EFT too.

Between EFT, NLP, Womb Blessings, Reiki and the other techniques i've learned over the years, I thought I had it all covered. Until I stumbled upon NAET, again. I had been treated with NAET back in the 90's but had forgotten about its wonderful and quick effectiveness. I'm often found telling clients that energy medicine is not a painkiller or a quick fix. It does not treat the surface level pain but instead heals the root cause of the superficial dis-ease. But with NAET I think the world has been given a unique tool that acts like a fast action pill (without actual medication!) while also treating the root cause.

Sometimes just a single treatment releases the block in the meridian. A corresponding issue like a cold, headache or nagging bloating from eating that banoffe

e pie, is almost immediately gone. I remember my daughter always broke into a light redness in her lower eyelid after even the slightest touch of ghee. While receiving the NAET treatment for animal fats, the same redness recurred and I panicked. Soon after the treatment, the redness subsided and she has been consuming ghee happily ever since.

At other times, multiples meridians may be blocked (by various allergens), creating a more complex web to be navigated through. For instance, it took treating many basic allergens before we could treat gluten, wheat, refined flour, millets and pulses for Angie (name changed) to be free of her persistent coughs and ankle sores.

Rita (name changed) came to me with severe itching on both her hands just above her wrists. She couldn't explain the sudden onset of this redness, dryness and severe itching. After various treatments and seeing her consistently for a few weeks, I asked if she always wore the gold bangles she had on. She smiled and told me they were a recent gift from her mother. We tested the bangles using NST (a muscle testing technique that stems from Applied Kinseology) and it displayed a strong allergy towards the bangles. We treated the bangles that day and after 25 hours of no contact with them, not only had she cleared the allergy; the skin rash too had disappeared. Ever since then she has been happily wearing her mothers' bangles and her hands are supple, smooth and rash free.

Seeing such transformation, I am more and more convinced that we know so little about the human body. Last week, Amil (name changed) complained about having a blocked ear for over 3 weeks. Having tried all cold remedies, steam inhalation and ear drops he finally came to me. He began describing the onset of this ear block by telling me it usually flared up when he was having an argument with his partner.

After completing some basic NAET treatments, we decided to check if his body showed an allergy towards his partner. When there is an imbalance or disharmony between the electromagnetic field of one person towards another (person, food/environmental substance or object), the body (of the subject) can display this imbalance as an allergic reaction (to that person, food or environmental substance or object). This in turn manifests through various different ways within the subject's body. This is what my training as a NAET practitioner, my personal experience and several case studies have proven to me. In this case, Amil, the subject, displayed this imbalance as an ear block. His body displayed an allergy towards his partner. We cleared the allergy and in his next visit his body confirmed that it had cleared the allergy towards her. Over the next few weeks he confirmed that he had not experienced the blocked ear even when there was an argument between the two.

What if we are just a complex matrix of electrical wires that sometimes gets clogged and just needs the right tools to keep them unblocked for the electricity to keep flowing?


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