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Reclaiming Light, Returning to Priesthood

O Child of Light,

This is an invitation for you to learn about your light.

This is an invitation for you to learn to garner your light.

This is an invitation for you to learn to work with your light.

This is an invitation for you to learn to enhance your light.

This is an invitation for you to spread your light.

The time to come into your light is now.

You have been receiving signs.

You have been hearing a voice.

You have been feeling high levels of vibration.

The frequencies around you are shifting, enhancing, and calling you.

Do you hear it? Do you feel it?

Headaches, body aches, feeling tender, wanting isolation, fear, anger, irritation.

These are all emotional patterns your current physical incarnation is accustomed to.

You must be feeling them with great intensity. Right Now.

This is their invitation to ask you to free them. To ask you to free you.

You are the master of your own destiny. You are the master of your life.

Your choice determines whether you remain stuck in fear, anger, sadness and so much more or whether you choose the infinite power that you are.

By choosing to reclaim your light and set yourself free, you honor your true nature. The real, true essence of who you are. Your planet, your mother, the one you call Earth, is rising and growing into a new version of herself. As her frequencies change, she asks you to grow with her.

These growing pains are natural, these growing pains are normal. These growing pains are part and parcel. If you allow yourself to see its true purpose, you will move beyond the growing pains.

If you allow yourself to walk past discomfort, doubt, and fear, you will be welcomed by infinite wonder, magic and beauty beyond what your five senses can imagine.

Perhaps you have already been hearing our voices, receiving our messages, and are seeking the path to fulfil your soul’s purpose.

We are here, waiting for you.

We bring to you the message that starseeds from many star systems are now relaying.

Some resonate with some and others resonate with others.

Our mission is common. Our message is One. Our source is the All. Yet we access you through varied means.

What language do you understand?






We will find you through the language that speaks most to your heart. Is your heart open?

Are you up for shining your light in a way that you have not ever before?

Did you know that before you were born your soul signed a contract?

Did you know it made a pact to fulfil its purpose?

When you took birth, you forgot all about this.

We are here to remind you what your soul contract was about.

We are here to remind you what your soul purpose was about.

We are here to remind you that this is the time, right now, to fulfil your souls’ purpose.

You are in a Divine time capsule, right now, being invited to maximize the universes forces that are supporting you in the fulfilment of your soul’s journey.

Harnessing this time, harnessing this moment, harnessing the vibration of the universe in this heartbeat will reap unimaginable benefits.

You often make excuses. Drop them. Now.

Remember your calling. Nothing is bigger than that. Except your resistance.

Step out of your own way. Get in touch with your heart.

We are here to show you the way, should you choose it.

We bring to you our teachings. But this cannot be received individually. You cannot withstand the power of is being shared without souls that match your frequency joining you.

You are therefore being invited to join this journey, to tune into the universal frequency of oneness, to set your soul on fire.


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See you soon! 

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