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Who are you in a relationship with?

Have you ever considered that you may be cheating on your loved one or yourself by being in a relationship with toxicity!? Do you know if you are in a relationship with toxicity? Take this quick test to find out!

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? Or perhaps you have been surrounded by toxic relationships? Could it be that you've been stuck in multiple toxic relationships?

Here's a quick test for you to figure out whether you're in a toxic relationship of any kind.

If you answer yes to any one or more of the items below, you know you're in a toxic relationship. Some of these mind sound bizarre but it’s true!

If you're in a:

🤮 Toxic relationship with health/ body:

you often abuse yourself with addictions and harmful/unhealthy habits.

🍕 Toxic relationship with food:

you can't give up something although

its harmful for you, you binge eat or are

addicted to something detrimental to your health.

💔 Toxic relationship with your spouse: you allow yourself to be manipulated, abused or hurt and not only do you stay on in the relationship, but perhaps you believe their behaviour is justified or even that you deserve it or worse, you think nothing of it.

❤️‍🩹 Toxic relationship with parents/ siblings/ children/ friends/ colleagues:

they have or continue to manipulate or gaslight you and run you down.

🖥️ Toxic relationship with your career/job/profession: you hate your job, are dissatisfied at work, it does not give you joy, you lack fulfilment but are stuck there because you need the money or don't know what else you'll do.

😨 If you've been in more than one kind of toxic relationship or have been in a toxic relationship(s) for most of your childhood and/or adult life, you may find that you surround yourself with people or situations you don’t deserve or those that don’t deserve you!

If you want to get started on kicking the butt of whatever toxicity and toxic relationship(s) you’re dealing with right now,

you can head over to my Instagram page and find

the Mindset Reset™️ Tool I've shared there to get you started right away. Head over to my highlights and click on "Self Help". You'll find it there or DM me & i'll share the link with you.

Just remember this:

🏵️ You are worth so much more than this toxicity!

🏵️ It’s up to you to choose to get out of it now!

🏵️ You have what it takes!

🫶🏼 You are not alone. I am here for you!


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