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Healing Hack 101

In the generation of “hacks” and quick fixes, you know you've got yourself the real deal if you're not being given a morphine or a meftal spas for your 'pain'. Do you still want to know my quick hack to heal your life?

You feel afloat. You experience self-acceptance. You experience forgiveness. You see the other person in a new light. The situation you once viewed as irreversible doesn’t seem to trouble you as much any more.

Your entire perspective shifts when you are healed. What triggered you before doesn’t seem to matter any more. You are a changed person. As a result, everything around you begins to shift as well. THIS is healing.

So here's my hack for you:

Take the leap when you feel so desperately frustrated with where you’ve been stuck that you just can’t stand to be there anymore. THAT is when you’re truly ready for transformation.

Did you look at the title of this post and think I was going to offer you a hack for faster healing? I got you!

If someone, be it a loved one or a coach/healer is coaxing you into self-work before you feel this indescribably desperate urge to fix where you’re stuck, STOP. Don’t fall for it.

Even if it’s the next best thing in the whole world. Stop. You’re not ready, until you are! It’s only a matter of time.

And you’re ready when you’re willing to do whatever it takes to free yourself of:

- the relationship pattern you’re stuck in; or

- the failure to succeed you’ve been struggling with; or

- the chronic health trouble you’ve been battling; or

- the abusive, manipulative, toxic relationship(s) you find yourself getting into all the time.

When awareness or recognition (of a problem) meets the acceptance that the issue is big enough to have your full attention, then you will embrace all that it takes to make the change. As a result of this, something mysterious opens up on the inside. THIS allows for your journey of true healing to begin.

If you thought some world renowned healer or coach was going to give you a workshop, training, session or distance healing and all your troubles would magically disappear, well, let me just say, ummm... errr... nahhh, not quite.

But when you recognise what needs fixing and then surrender all inhibitions, ifs and buts and simply take the plunge to heal what’s holding you back, nothing short of a miracle will most definitely take place in your life.


  1. If you’re applying concealer on a wound, that’s not called healing.

  2. If you’re glossing over an argument, saying “it’s ok”; the issue will resurface, possibly with greater vigor, until the root cause is eradicated.

  3. There’s no hack for quick healing. If someone’s telling you they’ve got a quick fix, check what you're getting yourself into.

  4. Sure, it may feel better. It may give you temporary relief too. And maybe that’s what you need right now. Nothing wrong with that at all. But just don’t fool yourself that you’re healing.


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