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Thriving in the Pandemic

Mental-Emotional wellbeing in a world after 2020

Strange times have been upon us since early 2020 and stranger times seem to await us.

Is it the beginning of a new era? Is this the darkness before the light? Is this what history books will talk of as the beginning of the much spoken of “Golden Age”? Who knows really!

This pandemic has challenged almost everything we are accustomed to calling “normal”. It is urging us to redefine our normal. It is urging us to find new ways to cope, entertain, work, sustain, live, love and survive.

In these times, so many people struggling with mental and emotional imbalances have reached out to me. One of the biggest challenges seem to be maintaining mental- emotional equilibrium. Over the last year, this has gotten me thinking about the various inner tools to support this transition we are being forced into at a global level.

Through contemplation, engaging in various spiritual practices and meditation I have been able to devise a set of practices that have supported me and many others during these trying times.

One such practice that helps me remain grounded in my inner power is that of my journey as a Moon Mother. Working with the energies of the Womb Blessing (& Womb Healing) consistently over the last 3 plus years has given me the experience of discovering my own inner power & easing into it (more) effortlessly (than before).

Pc: Melanie Monaco

Not only does the Womb Blessing balance the imbalances of the womb center but also assimilates those fragments of ourselves that we have rejected or not been able to express & own fully. A great sense of self develops as the layers of rejected-self, unloved-self, unexplored-self, suppressed-self get embraced.

During the pandemic, whenever I have worked with the Womb Blessing and Healing, I have noticed it empowering women to come into their own. It has supported many to follow their dream, honor their passion, be true to who they are and often shed what is not in alignment with their truth. Many of these women have gone on to start their own ventures, part from jobs that seemed like a façade they were hiding behind, heal ancestral womb related afflictions, have babies, begin to love their bodies, heal relationships, experience and express their spiritual gifts more fully and so much more!

So I was disheartened when I couldn’t share this precious gift with women widely during the pandemic (because the Womb Blessing required women to be physically present to receive it.) Now, qualified as a Remote Practitioner I can give the Womb Blessing to women across the world, at a distance. Such a blessed way to support the journey of sacred sisterhood! With more healed and awakened women, a new world filled with more love, light, grace, gentleness, power, awareness, awakening, gratitude, empathy and much more definitely awaits us! Join me if you are ready to embrace your true self more fully!


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