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What is a Womb Blessing

The Womb Blessing & Womb Healing are two beautiful energy processes that come from the Divine Feminine. What we may refer to as Shakti or the Devi aspect.

Throughout our life, we are conditioned to change our innate nature to fit into various roles, responsibilities, gender expectations, etc. In the process, our authentic self begins to get lost. We begin to try and fit into various molds while gradually losing ourselves more and more. As a result, parts of us get suppressed or repressed.

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The essence of every woman is said to be in the womb. Whether the woman is a newly menstruating girl or a mature woman (with or without a uterus, or with or without her cycle). Just like nature goes through seasons, we go through our own cycles. As per various traditions and philosophies, these cycles are represented through four female archetypes.

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These archetypes are; Maiden (increasing moon, increasing tide and spring season), Mother (full moon, full tide, summer season), Enchantress (darkening moon, outgoing tide, autumn season) and Crone (withdrawn energies, dark moon, outgoing tide, winter season).

Each of the archetypes represent a different aspect of us. Each has her strengths and her weaknesses. Each has her own personality. This, I believe, is what makes us so uniquely powerful. We have the power to harness the strength of each archetype if we know when and how to access them and allow them to blossom.

In the words of Miranda Gray, my teacher and mentor; the founder of the Womb Blessing path, "The Womb Blessing brings healing not only to our physical body but also to each phase of our menstrual cycle and the archetypal energies that they hold. So many women are disconnected from these energies due to their upbringing, to social pressures and expectations, and due to life experiences. Some women connect to just one or two of the female archetypes and repress the others so that they can survive in a masculine world. But in surviving, these women lose access to the beauty and fullness of their femininity. They lose the opportunities and wide range of beautiful experiences and expressions that these archetypal energies bring. And they lose connection to the Divine Feminine, the sacredness of their female energies and body, and the beauty and wonder that is being a woman."

Our modern world doesn't make it easy to survive in our authenticity and express fully the energies of each of the archetypes. In receiving the Womb Blessing, we begin to come back into our authentic self, gradually honoring, accepting, and expressing parts of us that were once suppressed, repressed or even disowned.

Each of the archetypes within the womb begins to flourish and bring back balance at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. We begin to walk through our lives more awake and aware, with more loving acceptance of who we are.

Five times a year Miranda with all the other Moon Mothers (including myself) gift a World Wide Womb Blessing (WWwb) to all (registered) women across the world. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the energy of the blessing, the power of a sisterhood, and the love of the Goddess!

Who is it for?

- womb / hormonal imbalances

- harnessing inner power

- self-discovery

- inability to conceive

- blessing a pregnancy/ childbirth

- coming of age ritual

- inner joy

- enhancing your spiritual quest

Please visit to register for the next WWwb. You can get in touch with us directly to book a personal Womb Blessing & Healing (to receive it in person or remotely).


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