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What is Soul Work?

When I finally decided to take the leap toward making inner work my profession, I didn’t know fully well what I was signing up for. I definitely didn't know that this was what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be.

There was just a deep sense of knowing that it was time to take this step. In the core of my being knew I just had to.

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From day one of my very first training, layers seemed to get peeled off. It was as if I had gathered years and years or even lifetimes of junk all over me, and this was my very first bath.

It was painful but relieving.

It was relieving but scary.

It was scary but frightfully liberating.

It was liberating but overwhelming.

It was overwhelming but what I deeply yearned for.

It was deeply what I yearned for and what I wanted for myself no matter what.

When I gave myself permission to let go and chose to accept what I yearned for so deeply, I unconsciously consented to heal myself at the deepest level.

Several years of disliking life, not really enjoying anything, the pain of my recently divorced parents, the complicated dynamics between me and them, the discontent in my career, the confusing relationship between me and love, and my overall disharmony with everything that was; came up right before my eyes. It was all too much, and yet everything that required to be healed.

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The transformation of my life began to take place. I slowly started moving from pain, relief, fear, freedom, and overwhelm to deep yearning.

This made room for the energy and flow of manifestation and miracles to enter my life. Something greater had taken over. I could feel it in my bones and just like that, I was all in.

I let go, bearing my soul and just giving in to the force that was at play. It was like surrendering to the waves crashing on the seashore. When you can’t fight it anymore and just allow yourself to be consumed by its sheer power, I experienced my powerlessness and the birthing of my most fierce inner power.

By the time my soul work was complete (while it is an ongoing journey), everything had begun to take a turn for the better. My attitude towards life, my relationships, my love life, my career, and all of me had changed. I was a new person. My life was anew. There was ease. Everything just flowed.

Somewhere along this journey, I knew the path ahead of me was to share this with the world in my own unique way. So as I underwent this fire of transformation and experienced shifts at the level of my innermost being, it gave rise to what I now call Soul Work.

It was intoxicating, yet humbling.

It broke me down yet built me up.

It gave me a sense of purpose yet made me realize my infinite insignificance.

It healed my core, yet I remained raw.

It made me vulnerable yet gave me grit.

It taught me to dream yet cherish this moment.

It gave me glimpses of my limitlessness yet taught me that I wasn’t in control.

It made me believe in destiny and yet in miracles.

It changed me as a person and yet I found myself.

Soul Work combines the best of everything I’ve learned and experienced throughout my spiritual and healing journey. It delivers what you need most through weekly capsules. As we navigate through whatever is showing up, healing of deeply ingrained patterns takes place within the subconscious.

This makes room for cognitive shifts to take place. These shifts change you from within. Allowing you to make better choices, attract what’s for your highest best, and be the best version of yourself.

The mind, body, and soul heal as you come into a loving relationship with all of you. You are reborn as your being is chiseled into the finest gem that you already are.

You know where to find me if you’re called toward Soul Work!


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