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Are you a prostitute of time?

Recently, while in deep meditation, a voice inside me said, "you are all prostitutes of time".
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This was both amusing, extremely absurd and also slightly puzzling, all at once. Simultaneously, I was transported back to my childhood. Money had been an unspoken taboo. Children from good families did not discuss money. This was the underlying value behind never asking the price of things, openly discussing income, expenditure or even the concept of savings.

Money remained an unspoken necessity that was a complete hush-hush. We were often told not to ask for money and to always be happy with what we have. Relate? Anyone?

While it may be a virtue to be grateful and happy with what one has, this resulted in a lopsided relationship between myself and money. So when I began my practice as a facilitator of inner alchemy, it felt like being a tongue tied orator.

I found myself struggling to charge what I deserved because a voice in my head repeated:"people from respectable backgrounds don't ask for money."
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As this memory unraveled before me during my meditation, the understanding that emerged was that we are all slaves of time and money. Having shortchanged ourselves to fit someone else's beliefs & value system. Simply working our time to earn money and make ends meet. Earning money to enjoy the benefits of our labour. Spending it, to experience life while actually, earning to spend life.

While we go through decades of schooling and advanced studies to prepare ourselves for the career of our choice, I wonder if we are really utilising our full potential. A part of our skill or potential is definitely chiseled and honed through all the training we undergo. In turn allowing us to flourish as a professional in our chosen field of work.

Whether you are a horticulturist, chef, chartered accountant, farmer, masseuse, physiotherapist, banker or run an Airbnb. Or perhaps you are a stay at home parent or retired individual, are you truly utilising your full potential?

While the jury is still out on whether an average human being uses 7-10% or more of its brain (read: potential), as I continued to sit in meditation, it dawned on me that since there is no limit to how much human beings can learn, achieve and do; our capabilities must be far more than what we fully access/utilise.

I opened my eyes and hunkered down over my laptop to check what Meriam Webster had to say about the idiom to "prostitute oneself". I knew it had to mean more than just selling oneself for sexual favours. And there it was! To prostitute one's self is "to do something that is below one's level of skill or ability in order to make money".

It continued to say, "if you prostitute yourself or your talents, you do work for money or to be famous, rather than because you think it is good work or the right thing to do." I hear most of my friends and clients often saying how dissatisfied they are in their jobs but they need the financial stability. Somewhere there is an underlying belief that is keeping them stuck in unhappiness of the sake of something they value far greater than their joy/peace of mind itself.

As a facilitator of inner alchemy over almost 1 decade, I've observed my SoulWork clients often have various disempowering beliefs surrounding money, abundance, career & what they believe they deserve.
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Their childhood experiences and years of social conditioning have contributed to building a foundation that does not support the life they have built.

This weak foundation results in often reaching a point of complete break down.

Their health breaks down. Their emotional stability is questionable. Their relationships are on edge. Their career is on the line. There is no rasā left in life. Their joie de vivre has just been sucked out.

It's up to you to stop being a prostitute of time. If you feel like the wings to your dreams are being clipped and you're ready to soar, get in touch to activate your inner alchemy through SoulWork.


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