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Full Moon Meditation

I am delighted to share with you this full moon meditation that you can enjoy every full moon going forward. I invite you read it to yourself and go into meditation.

You may prepare yourself for meditation by setting up a comfortable place free from noise and distraction.

You may even choose to sit by a window where you can see the moon or set yourself up outdoors. If you feel so called, you may set up an alter too.

If you run women's circles, you may also share/host this meditation as part of your sacred gathering.

Once seated (or lying down) comfortably, please close your eyes (if you are listening to the audio version) or read the script below to yourself before closing your eyes and taking in the experience of the meditation.


Full Moon Meditation Script

The Full Moon is a celestial body that hovers over you at all times.

Glistening and gleaming with its other worldly presence and luminescence.

Gather all your attention from all the places it's been wandering.

Bring it to the pillar of breath that constantly vibrates within you.

Feel or imagine the breath like a cloud like pillar forming within the

human body, moving up and down from the crown to the root.

Rooted in the awareness of the infinite breath of life, allow

yourself to be lost in its constant rhythmic movement and


Watch as your mind begins to silence itself.

Allow yourself to remain dipped in this silent inwardness.

Gently moving your awareness up the pillar of breath, you see a full moon cradled

in the crown of your head.

It's luminescent white light bathing you from top to bottom on the

inside and outside.

Let every cell, particle, membrane of your physical being

washed away with it's celestial moonbeams.

Drenched in its light, you begin to lose awareness of the separateness of you from this

celestial being.

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Your whole being pulsating with this question:

Who am I?

Who am I?

Who am I?

Am I this or am I that?

Am I me or am I you?

Washed clear of all identities, of all limitations and all separateness, you see yourself as one.

Now the moonlight flows down from your root, deep into the the Grand Old Mother,

Earth, beneath you.

Seeing as it is that you are cradled in her arms, you bow down in deep


Who are you?

Who are you?

I Am That, I Am That, I Am That

comes a voice from all around

Unable to differentiate one from another,



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