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The City of Light

The 21st century is abuzz with what's known as "New Age Spirituality". Every other day you hear of a new "healing modality", a new way to uplift your spirits in this high-stress living environment. How do you know what is best for you and which one to choose?

PC: Danielle Noel

Here is my checklist for when I'm dealing with this confusion:

  1. What does my gut tell me?

  2. Is my heart drawn to this modality?

  3. How does the teacher make me feel?

  4. What do I know about this modality?

  5. What are the unknowns and how does that make me feel?

Yes, it's almost all about "feeling". Because our feelings and our body never lies.

We must re-learn the art of recognising what ours bodies are telling us. What if I told you the key to happiness and true success lies in this simple art? I have found this to be true for myself.

When I listen to the signs the universe is whispering to me, when I follow that resounding yes or no I get from deep within my being, I know which way to go. Sometimes it may not always follow conventional norms of logic, and I made my peace with that almost a decade ago!

This is how I make most of my life decisions as well as when I'm choosing to learn a new skill, art, modality or go down a path of spiritual rising and awakening.

My story of discovering Cosmic Light Healing™ in 2019 is a similar one. After several months of having multiple lucid dreams with visitations by Masters I didn't even know of at the time, I knew something was simmering.

PC: Danielle Noel

One uneventful evening, as I went about wrapping up my day's appointments; I heard a deep voice in my heart command me to sit down in meditation with a voice recorder turned on. This was a first, I thought to myself.

No sooner than I sat down and shut my eyes, I started rattling a long series of words. Fortunately the recorder got it all. I must have sat there for atleast 15 minutes. When I came out of this semi-awake meditative state, I was puzzled to say the least. I turned the recorder back on to listen to what had come through.

Every word was shakti (primordial cosmic energy) filled, it sent chills down my entire body and I knew it wasn't something I could come up with. Within moments, clarity began dawning about what I needed to do with this script. I called my soul sister Vanita, and what began then continues to unfold and transform our life every moment of the way.

This has developed into what is now being known in the world as Cosmic Light Healing™. This time, for the very first time, a modality chose me and not the other way around. There was no doubt in any fibre of my being that this is my path. This is what I'm here for and this is what needs to be shared and spread throughout our planet. Why?, you may ask or what is Cosmic Light Healing™?

Cosmic Light Healing™ heals at a cellular level. Past memories, trauma, old beliefs and experiences are stored as energy trapped within the cells. As human cells regenerate, they do so with all that is trapped within. This is the reason for recurrence of most afflictions of the mind and body. Depression, anxiety, cancer; all that plagues humanity is the result of the cellular structure, within which all information is stored.
Cosmic Light Healing™ works with the frequency of Light. It is the highest vibration of light consciousness there is. Light penetrates everything, especially water. The human body is made up of water and crystalline structure. This liquid, crystalline structure is deeply influenced by light. Therefore, when Cosmic Light Healing™ penetrates through the body and enters every cell and fibre of your being, it transforms the liquid crystalline structure itself.
Replacing all old impressions, all dis-ease causing impressions with life transforming Cosmic Light. This Cosmic Light is pure, subtle, conscious, all-knowing Light. Therefore, healing takes place spontaneously.

As Cosmic Light Healing™ continues to evolve, we have been offering it as a gift to people like you all over the world. Four times a year everyone who wishes to bask in its transformational power and experience it's energy can sign up for free and receive CLH™ at your chosen time (we offer it four times a day on the respective dates to include all global timezones).

I also teach Cosmic Light Healing™ for all those who are on the path of self discovery, spiritual upliftment, healing and light work. After over 25 years in the healing industry, with close to a decade of professional experience in this field, I have still to find a modality that assists in my progress, healing and evolution as much as CLH has in a short span of 4 years.

You are also welcome to get in touch to receive personal CLH sessions and we also offer Earth Healing as part of Cosmic Light Healing because:

Earth is filled with (energetically) dead land – barren land. It is like having bad eggs in the womb. It deeply saddens Mother Earth. As we heal pockets of land of Mother Earth herself, we help her recalibrate and rebirth her being with the power of Cosmic Light. This Cosmic Light dispels all that is lifeless so that where once life couldn’t be, life flourishes.
PC: Danielle Noel

So come, join us in building the City of Light. Join us in whatever capacity you are called to. You can spread the Light by:

- spreading the word about CLH;

- studying CLH to give it to yourself, your loved ones and clients; and

- receiving CLH to uplift and heal your life.

Let me leave you with these words:

Are you a Lightworker on the path to ascension? We welcome you to learn these ascension teachings from us, the Masters of the Mystery School of Egypt. It is time you walked the path of ascending to Light. It is time you truly took on the role of being the Light. Spread the Light and heal with it. Both mother earth and humanity await the creation of the City of Light with those of you awakened to your inner calling. What you learn here takes your personal growth forward while leading the way to heal the world through Light. Are you a Lightworker? Then learn to work your Light in ways that humanity has never known of before. This is your chance, your opportunity and calling to return to the Light and awaken into your destiny, your true potential and your hearts deepest desire.


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