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You're just one step away from living the life of your dreams

©Rackhee Trust, 2022

I've discovered the key to everything you desire. My years of working in the field of alchemical holistic wellness and manifestation has gifted me a healthy, harmonious relationship with my life and body. I want to offer you just the same.

So what if I told you that your health, wealth & happiness was directly proportionate to the nature of relationship you shared with your body & life? Would you want to master the art of befriending your body and life? Do you want to live the life of your dreams?

Just as we use language to communicate with one another, our body & life use their own unique language to communicate with us. What if you could have all the health, wealth & happiness in the world by simply understanding what your body and life were saying?

Our body uses the language of pain & dis-ease, while life communicates through distress, disharmony & often repetitive (but not so pleasurable) patterns. Sound familiar?

These present themselves as any number of health issues or overall lack of mental-emotional well-being. Have you ever experienced any of this?

Since we don’t speak the same language as our body and life, we are unable to effectively communicate with one another. As a result of the continuous miscommunication, misinterpretation and misunderstanding between us, we often continue living in pain and distress.

We continue doing what we have been conditioned to do. Adopting topical or superficial solutions to fix the problem. Most often, the troubles go away for a short while, often only to return with a greater vengeance. Frustrated, we either give up or begin to curse our body or life for how sad, dreadful, painful or trouble filled it is.

When life is trying to ask you to make a paradigm shift or you’re being asked to look in a different direction, often it can seem like nothing is going your way. Everything may feel like a struggle. Nothing seems to come easily. Have you ever experienced anything like this?

It only makes sense to want to“fix” the problem, right? So do you jump for a tylenol, ibuprofen to numb the pain or a sleeping pill for when you can’t sleep, or a xanax for anxiety or a concealer for acne. Or do you try and run away from that relationship that’s not working or simply succumb to the pattern that has overcast your life?

The only way to get rid of the weeds from your vegetable garden is to uproot the weeds rather than trim them. We too must get to the root cause and break the monotonous pattern of ill health / lack of abundance / lack of love, to replace it with a life of our dreams.

I achieved this for myself many years ago. So I decided to take my skills and years of experience with alchemical holistic wellness and manifestation, to develop SoulWork©.

SoulWork re-wires your brain's ability to effectively comprehend the messages relayed by your body and life.

I've also developed two more programs that include SoulWork© as a module. BURP, for those on the path to parenthood and EmpowerYou© for everyone else. Both these are for those who seek greater self-empowerment along with the 1:1 cleansing that SoulWork© imparts.

©Rackhee Trust, 2021
These two programs bring together the best of all that I've learned and experienced in my 7+ years of work in the field of alchemical holistic wellness & manifestation. Through these programs the health, career, relationships & life of thousands of my clients across the globe has been transformed.

SoulWork© is integrated into both the above programs & is at the heart of this kind of transformation. So you may also choose only one of our independent SoulWork© Programs. To enquire about any of these, please email with the program of your interest in the subject line.

©Rackhee Trust, 2020

If you are a seeker on the path of soul alignment and your spiritual quest, I offer a unique program entitled Reclaiming Light, Returning to Priesthood, Set your Soul on Fire (RLRP©).

Come choose you.

Come choose your dreams.

Come choose your joy.

Come choose self love.

Come choose your life.

Come choose empowerment.

Come choose your soul path

with me.


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